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Why hire a limited company accountant?

why hire a limited company accountant

Why should you hire an accountant for your limited company?

To eliminate one of the most arduous tasks of managing a business – it’s financial affairs – while still remaining fully informed and in control, is a great weight taken off any company owner’s shoulders and of enormous benefit to the organisation. CloudCo Accountancy Group is a limited company accountant, but equally we work with contractors, CIS contractors, SMEs, partnerships, sole traders and charitable set-ups.

In addition, bear in mind that professional accountants seldom make errors, plus an added free-service bonus is to be able to ask questions about finance, accounts and tax-planning (i.e. exploiting the grants, reliefs and benefits that the government makes available to businesses), thereby taking full advantage of your accountant’s accounting expertise.

Hiring a dedicated limited company accountant means that you are also hiring their knowledge and flair, experience and ideas, and sometimes even their recommendations and strategic partnerships. Hiring an expert limited company accountant will help your business flourish and become more profitable.

It will ensure that your business is 100% compliant and always keeps up with bookkeeping and files accurate annual accounts and corporation tax return details at every financial year end.

What level of accountancy service does a limited company need?

The service packages limited company accountants provide vary from practice to practice, and what businesses require from accountants can be quite distinctive too. CloudCo’s limited company accountancy services are tailored to our mission to deliver affordable and faultlessly efficient, comprehensive online services (using a range of software compatible with our clients’), which our customers can rely upon completely. Let’s take a closer look at the range of services CloudCo offers to enable our limited company, contractor and SME customers to get ahead.

CloudCo’s aim is to make running a business easier and more profitable, so we make sure our customers are able to access all the services they need to run their company effectively and legally in one place – our place. We set out from the moment of registration and the point at which we start looking after a company’s accounts to ensure 100% compliance, while proactively helping businesses make the most of all the expert accounting devices that ensure they make the most of the benefits, credits, allowances, rebates, incentives, and transfers of assets HMRC allows, in order to pay less tax compliantly.

Accounting services for limited companies

A good limited company accountant is integral to the growth and success of any company. CloudCo accountancy Group remains focused on ensuring every one of its customers remain financially organised, tax compliant and profitable.

Starting out the right way

If you have a new business idea and have not yet formed a limited company, you should begin by deciding what structure you would like your new venture to take: do you want to start a limited company or do you want to start up a partnership? Starting out can be an exciting journey, but incorporating a business comes with responsibilities, operational, financial as well as legal, so unless you know about doing accounts, we advise that you hire an accountant for the expert support they can provide.

You must appreciate the various statutory responsibilities that come with incorporation. Anyone who has already set up a company will advise you to seek the support of an accountant before setting out on your venture. Cloudco Accountancy Group in Milton Keynes is here to help you realise your entrepreneurial goals.

Register with CloudCo and we will support you by undertaking all of the important background work while you focus on establishing your new venture.  This is where we excel, having supported hundreds of companies from before their incorporation; setting them up with all the statutory documentation, then working with them as partners, guiding them and watching them grow and prosper into strong, profit-making organisations.

You may be interested in our online accounting services for small businesses.

Complete accounting service for start up limited companies:

  • Preparation of a broad business plan
  • Support and advice on incorporation
  • Assistance with structuring: whether limited company, partnership, sole trader, or limited liability partnership
  • Providing incorporation services, overseeing statutory paperwork, registering with Companies House
  • Secretarial duties and registered office address (ROA) services, as required
  • Registering with the HMRC
  • VAT registration and VAT return services, as appropriate
  • Ascertaining relationships with banks, insurers, etc.
  • Research and review for cash-flow projections and evaluation of the finance requirements
  • Bookkeeping servicesPayroll duties and VAT returns
  • Guidance with corporate and tax return planning
  • Establishing management accounts and year end accounts
  • Conducting an annual audit (as necessary) and preparing accounts

The initial phases of setting out on any commercial venture is the crux for any organisation, and CloudCo ensure you don’t get caught up in admin work, which may be unfamiliar to you, and that going forward we are providing the unlimited support and guidance you need, so that slowly and surely our fledgling limited company clients learn the ropes and build in confidence.

Education is another service that a good limited company accountant should provide

Your accountant should not take control of your business or its finances; ideally, your accountant should equip you with the knowledge and expertise to help you take more control of your accounts and tax affairs. CloudCo can deliver bookkeeping and payroll, preparation of corporation tax returns and personal tax returns and company accounts.

We can help you decided if you need to register for VAT, and if so, under what scheme. VAT planning is another way to help to ensure your company is tax efficient. We can provide business growth and valuation advice, plus other facilities, such as helping you apply for R&D tax credits or SEIS or EIS.

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