Should I consult an accountant before selling property?

Should I consult an accountant before selling property?

Property investors consulting an accountant before selling their property

Selling property entails more than just finding a buyer and closing a contract. It entails a complicated web of financial concerns, with tax consequences playing a large role.

Property accountants bring specialised knowledge to the table, and their expert advice may be beneficial in various ways. Many property owners rush into the procedure but frequently neglect an essential step: talking with an expert.

Before selling property, consulting an accountant is crucial for minimising tax liabilities and optimising financial outcomes.

When selling properties, one financial consideration that frequently takes the front stage is capital gains tax (CGT). This tax may substantially influence your profitability and income, so knowing how to manage and pay it successfully is critical.

This blog article will examine CGT’s significance and how to avoid property tax or get tax relief. Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or just getting started, this detailed knowledge may help you save money and comply with the law.

What accounting advice can a property accountant give me?

A property accountant may give useful accounting assistance to property and business owners, particularly when purchasing, owning, or selling property. A full overview of the financial guidance that a property accountant can provide follows:

Capital gains tax planning

Capital gains tax is a tax on the profit gained when selling an asset whose market value has grown. Capital gains tax is levied in the United Kingdom on profits you gain from selling second residences and buy-to-let properties.

Dealing with capital gains tax (CGT) is one of the most important property selling components. It’s a tax on your net profit made when you sell an asset like a house. However, your property accountant can offer measures to reduce your CGT liability.

Strategies for CGT Planning

Exemptions & Deductions: Property accountants can assist you in determining if you are eligible for any CGT exemptions or deductions. In the United Kingdom, for example, if you have resided in the home as your primary residence, you may be entitled to qualify for Private Residence Relief.

Timing the Sale: The timing of the sale of your home might affect how much tax on your CGT obligation. Property accountants can advise you on the best time to sell in your circumstances in order to maximise your tax status.

Tax-Efficient Ownership arrangements: They can also propose tax-efficient ownership arrangements to avoid CGT, such as putting the equity in the property in a business or trust.

(You can learn more about CGT preparation in our earlier blog: How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Buy-to-Let Property.)

Other tax planning opportunities

Property accountants are well-versed in the many tax planning options for property ownership and transactions. They can assist you in researching lawful ways to lower your overall tax liability.

Aside from CGT, property accountants are well-versed in different tax planning alternatives that can greatly impact your financial consequences. They can assist in the following areas:

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT): Property accountants may advise you on the consequences of SDLT and exclusions and reliefs. They can look for legal ways to pay or lessen the SDLT burden.

Income Tax Relief: If you earn rental income from your home on your UK property, accountants can help you optimise your tax situation. Deductions for property management charges may be included.

Inheritance Tax (IHT): If you have inherited property, a property accountant may help you navigate the difficult tax implications of IHT. They may assist in determining the property’s worth, exemptions, and planning methods to reduce IHT liabilities.

Preparing financial reports and documentation

Selling a property involves a substantial quantity of financial data and reporting. Property accountants can help you prepare these documents correctly and under tax requirements. This facilitates a seamless transaction and reduces the possibility of mistakes leading to penalties or disputes.

Depending on your property and financial condition, selling it through a certain legal structure, such as a company or trust, may be advantageous. An accountant can assist you in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of several structures and selecting the one that best meets your objectives.

Selling inherited property advice

The financial market implications of selling inherited property might be considerably more complicated.

Property accountants can assist you in navigating the complexities of inheritance tax, stepped-up basis, and other special concerns associated with inherited residential properties here. In this process, their knowledge might save you both time and money.

Selling inherited property is a big choice that involves both emotional and financial factors. You may successfully navigate this procedure by comprehending the stepped-up basis, estimating your tax due, obtaining a property assessment, analysing your choices, and preparing the relevant papers.

Always get professional guidance from property accountants and legal specialists to guarantee a successful and financially healthy home sale.

Get advice from Cloudco property accountants today

We specialise in offering personalised financial assistance to property owners and sellers at Cloudco. Our knowledgeable property accountants can walk you through each stage of the property selling process, ensuring that you make educated business decisions that maximise your financial advantages.

Discuss if you should invest in any repairs or renovations to increase the value of your property. Get an estimate of prospective transaction expenses, such as real estate agent commissions, attorney fees, and closing charges.

Investigate measures to reduce the risks and liabilities involved with the property sale. Discuss how the property sale fits into your entire estate planning strategy, if appropriate.

Discuss your exit strategy and how it relates to your overall financial goals if you are selling an investment property.


In the world of real estate, talking with a property accountant before selling your property is a strategic move that can substantially influence your financial well-being.

So, when you begin the process of selling your home, consider getting professional tax guidance to ensure you maximise the value of your sale.

So before you begin your home selling journey, consider hiring a Chartered Management Accountant like Cloudco Group, who can give you personalised advice targeted to your specific position and financial goals. Contact us today!

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