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Accountants are an integral part of any organisation. Accounting services are the threshold on which a successful business organisation is built. However, you may come across situations when you find the inability of your accountant to offer effective services.

Switch to qualified and well-experienced accountant

Whether you are prey to an underdeveloped technology, wrong accounts, lack of personalised services, or unsatisfactory high payments, you are going to face tough situations soon. This time of unfruitful services is the high time to realise, the ultimate need for the change has arisen. Since it is a significant decision, you need to answer a few questions as a business owner. The list of the questions is given below.

Does your accountant provide the following?

Is your accountant good enough to understand the requirements of your business?

How are the plans made by accountants to spark up the growth of your business shortly?

Are the accountant's services satisfactory, and the returns filed by the accountant are precise, up to date and timely?

Are there any better accounting services in the market?

What is the contribution made by the accountant in the growth of your business?

Is the accountant dynamic and quick enough to grasp the accounting changes made by the Government?

Does the accountant help in keeping the taxes low, or is he good with tax-saving strategies?

Is the accountant on time with filling and paying the taxes and following up for rebates if there is an option?

Are the books of accounts well maintained, and there is no error in the books?

Is the accountant giving quality time to the business and suggesting proper strategies required for onboarding shareholders and expansion

Is the accountant helping with the needed ratios like salaries to wages, return on investments, expenses to profits and much more to help in ascertaining if the resources are fully utilized or need some policy changes?

You may have a great rapport with your accountant, but then the critical golden rule is business and individual are two different entities; you need to make some tough decisions to expand, move, or efficiently contract your business operation. Now that you know that it is the time that you need to make the call and take the final decision of switching to better-qualified and well-experienced accountant.

The 3 critical elements when switching accountants

Accountants are a considerable investment which, when made wisely offers excellent tax saving options. Changing an accountant is a hectic and complicated process as it involves a stringent process of developing trust; switching accountants includes three critical elements, which are mentioned below.

Professional Ethics

The new accountant agency needs to contact the old or current accountant to obtain necessary documents, clearance receipt to act on your behalf as professional ethics. The new accountants have to collect past annual accounts, tax returns, and other essential paperwork filed before.

Anti-Money Laundering Laws

The new accounting agency has to obtain an identity proof to comply with the anti-money laundering laws of the UK government. This is an essential step as without any clearance; the new accountant cannot begin his job.

Ties with HMRC

One of the primary element is the need for the client's or entrepreneur's signature as an essential measure to finish the authorization to deal with the tax affairs operated with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs(HMRC).

Why switch to CloudCo Accountancy Group as your new accountant?

CloudCo Accountancy Group is one of the most trusted accounting service providers in the UK. Formed in 2006 and registered with Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, we have grown enormously with over 200 corporate clients. The company is bound by governmental rules and regulations, hence offering top-notch accounting services all around the UK.

Cloudco Accountancy Group offers two forms of accounting services; Company Services and Personal Services. Company services involve three services: Statutory Accounts, Business Planning, and Business Start-up. Personal services include: Estate Planning, Personal Tax Planning, Self-assessment Returns, Retirement Strategies, and Will Writing Services.

 We can take care of all the Bookkeeping, Payroll, VAT Returns, and other accounting needs as we aim to grow with our clients.

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