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Creating a new company is incredibly exciting, but it does come with a host of operational, financial and legal responsibilities too. At CloudCo Accountancy Group in Milton Keynes, we provide start-up accounting services that take away the financial pressures for new business owners, so that they are free to focus on their flourishing enterprise.

At CloudCo, our dedicated startup accountants can help your business by assisting with company formations; providing proactive accounting, tax and financial advice; prompting on upcoming deadlines and creating comprehensive and credible business plans.

Starting up a business doesn’t have to be a daunting task, so if you are interested to find out more about the accountancy services we offer for start-ups, contact us today.

Startup Accountancy Services Explained

Deciding to launch a startup goes far beyond coming up with an innovative idea, understanding how accounting software works or even creating a catchy company name. 

Running a business comes with responsibilities and unless you are well versed in doing accounts, have formed a business before or have a thorough understanding of taxation law, then our advice is that you hire a professional accountant for the expert support they can provide. After all, investing in the right support and advice at the start, will make life a lot easier in the long run.

At CloudCo Accountancy Group, we can support you by undertaking all of the important background work while you focus on establishing your new venture. We are experts in supporting startups, working with them as partners and watching them grow into successful, profit-making organisations.

In General, We Offer the Following Startup Accounting Services in Milton Keynes:

Do I Need Accounting Help for a Startup Small Business?

Setting up a business can seem to be a big task. And whilst to some, the process may be hassle-free, others often prefer to take guidance from a trusted business partner.

Sound and practical business advice goes a long way in determining the early success you can gain. When you produce accurate accounts and are efficient with submitting your quarterly and annual returns – the other pieces of the accounting puzzle can effortlessly fall into place.

If you want to know more about how our start-up business specialists can support you, please get in touch today.

Can a Business Plan Help My Small Business or Limited Company Startup?

A business plan is essential for every business. Failing to plan your business is the first step toward planning to fail. Recording your ideas, plans and strategies are essential given the ongoing sluggish economy when so many business owners are struggling to maintain profitability and cash flow.

Planning includes:

  • Taking prudent, calculated risks rather than blindly reacting to events
  • Making the best use of available resources
  • Developing your plan so that you can achieve the lifestyle you want


When planning, we will help you to consider:

  • What information you need to assemble
  • The initial decisions to be made
  • The sales and marketing options open to you
  • The market opportunities that exist
  • The threats that exist.

At CloudCo Accountancy Group, together we can plan for a profitable future. We promise to not only take care of some of the most difficult and arduous tasks of managing your business, but will expertly handle the financial affairs of your start-up on your behalf.

Due to the many years of experience that add up to the gold-standard bookkeeping and accounting services of CloudCo, we can ensure 100% compliance and an accurate set of accounts and tax return details at the end of every financial year.

Startup Accounting FAQs

While expenditure is always a concern for any well-run organisation, never should any organisation skimp on the expertise, quality, and ability of their accountancy provider. The money spent per month on the support of a good accountant is money well spent; as your accountant will nearly always save you money in taxes - plus accountancy fees are a 100% allowable expense. At CloudCo Accountancy Group, we offer a range of accounting packages for small businesses which range in price from £200-£700 per month, depending on the type of services you require.

These strategies are an asset which allow taxpayers to plan ahead using finance calculations that are significant for each individual year. Tax planning can account for national insurance contributions, money owed and grossed, investment portfolios, pension payments, savings accumulated as well as income tax paid across all of these fields.

As a start-up, you will find that having an accountant greatly improves your work/life balance. The entire financial purview of running your business can be shifted to a trusted and professional accountant, while you get to do what you do best...focus solely on running your business.

Starting out can be an exciting journey, but any new venture comes with responsibilities – operational, financial as well as legal – so unless you know about doing accounts, we advise that you hire a professional accountant for the expert information they can provide. At CloudCo, we can support you in establishing and growing your new business venture.

The power and necessity of accurate bookkeeping cannot be overlooked. The books reflect the vision of the business, establish the current standing of its finances and help to determine the way ahead. You should consider hiring a dedicated accountant for your start-up as soon as possible. Through a range of different services, a bookkeeper can provide important insight into your business’s financial growth, help you better understand your goals and how seriously your books show you heading towards them. They can also advise on how you might invest in your business for the future.

Even if you decide to transition your start-up into a limited company, you do not technically need to hire an accountant for your limited company. You can choose to handle all the financial and legal requirements thereof of your limited company yourself. But you will find that having an accountant greatly improves your work/life balance. The entire financial extent of running your limited company can be shifted to a trusted and professional accountant, allowing you to focus solely on the day to day running of your company and fulfilling the role of the company director.

Online accounting software programs like QuickBooks and Xero have made the bookkeeping aspect of accounting much more convenient. At CloudCo Accountancy Group we have developed our own in-house specialist cloud-based accounting software, which we recommend our clients to use and help manage their accounts in a seamless and modern way. Hiring an accountant is a benefit to you in a number of ways including the tax-efficient knowledge and professionalism that they can provide for your start-up business. After all, bookkeeping is only one aspect of the financial overview of a business.

Yes. Payments on account of income tax (and class 4 national insurance contributions) for a particular tax year will be due on 31 January in the tax year and 31 July following the end of the tax year. These payments will be based on one-half of the total income tax liability (less any tax deducted at source) for the previous tax year. You have the right to reduce payments on account if you believe the income tax for the current year will be lower than that for the previous year. However, you may be charged interest if the reduction is more than it should be and penalties can be charged if you did not take care with the application to reduce.

Apart from keeping businesses 100% compliant, accounting and bookkeeping services can provide reports to suggest ways in which small businesses can improve their accounts to reflect positive data, which can help businesses in all sorts of ways. The entire process provided by an accountant is a service commitment to ensuring your business thrives, even in a competitive and unpredictable market.

Contact CloudCo in Milton Keynes for All Questions Related to Start-Ups

We, at CloudCo Accountancy Group, are here to help you realise your business goals. We assist with all the important background work while you focus on establishing your new venture. The initial phase is the most crucial one and we do not want you to get caught up in paperwork. Thus, we will provide you with intuitive cloud-based bookkeeping systems, secretarial support and even business planning.

From accounting services to tax assistance and even consulting, you can rely on us. Years of experience have made us experts in catering to different types of business needs and we have developed a reputation of being a reliable partner. Contact one of our chartered accountants today!