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Are you looking for an expert QuickBooks accounting firm?

In the world of online accounting software, QuickBooks accounting services are considered the pre-eminent form of online accounting. With this in mind, you may be wondering how QuickBooks can help your small business?

QuickBooks gives a small business insight into how a small business is performing in an easy-to-read and navigate dashboard. The dashboard shows complete financial details related to a business’s financial overview, including purchase history, sales, expenses, and even payroll features.

Are you wondering if QuickBooks is right for your business? Are you curious about how this software is similar and different from in-house accounting? In this guide, we will answer these questions and more to show you exactly how this software and additional accounting services can work together to ensure your business’s finances can run smoothly and efficiently.

What's the advantage of using QuickBooks??

The great advantage of using accounting software, like QuickBooks, is that it makes it easy to stay on top of your business finances. However, expert accounting help is still advisable for most businesses. Running a successful business is all about good time management and knowing when to allocate resources efficiently. So, when is it a good time to ask for help and what kind of accounting support should you be looking for?

Most businesses seek the expertise of a QuickBooks accountant in order to:
The great advantage of using accounting software like QuickBooks is that it makes it easy to stay on top of your business finances. However, expert accounting help is still advisable for most businesses.
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What is Quickbooks accounting software?

With any business, all the financial reports, records, documents, and various accounting details that come with the functioning of the business can become a growing and constantly evolving mess. This is where QuickBooks comes into focus. This accounting software organises all of your business financial information, which is crucially important, into one consolidated and neatly arranged spot.

So what does QuickBooks allow you to do with all of your finances? Well, a better question should be what doesn’t Quickbooks allow you to do with your finances? This accounting software allows you to look at all of your business’s purchases, your sales, your business expenses, and how all of these financial relationships interact with the well-being of your business. There is also a payroll feature that allows a business owner to see exactly what an employee needs to be paid and when, or features that allow contractors to send invoices.

One smart software, one simple pricing plan

Manage your business in one place and discover the easier way to stay on top of your taxes. Choose from our simple plans with transparent pricing and no hidden costs - unlimited invoicing, free UK phone support and expense tracking are all included.

What does a QuickBooks accountant do?

As a rule, you should ask for professional accounting help as soon as you wonder if you need help. Depending on the size and nature of your business, you might use an accountant or bookkeeper on an ongoing basis or just at specific moments. At CloudCo Accountancy Group, our team of financial experts regularly work with QuickBooks, so can provide you with real-world analysis and specialist data that is generated through the software.

Starting up

You should talk to an accountant who can help you get off to a good start and advise on issues such as accounting software and VAT. Most will offer a free initial consultation but a great accountant should also advise on the best business structure, based on their knowledge of tax breaks and more.

Getting a business health check

It is really important that your business has regular health checks. This could simply mean having a regular chat with your accountant to go over your finances and processes, in order to pinpoint any opportunities or risks that your business may be facing.

Doing your tax return

QuickBooks has long been at the forefront of making tax digital. If you are a sole trader, you can do your own tax return, but it is usually worth consulting an accountant anyway. At CloudCo, we can check your return and verify you are claiming expenses correctly. Even if you manage your money using QuickBooks, it’s worth having your tax return checked and approved by an accounting expert. If you have a more complicated business structure, such as a limited company, it’s rarely advisable to do your own tax return, given the detailed knowledge required.

Getting organised

If you have trouble staying organised, then you may want to consider hiring a bookkeeper to help you keep on top of paperwork. However, although it’s OK to delegate some responsibility for your financial affairs, you need to make sure you still have a good overview of your business’s finances at all times.

What services does QuickBooks offer?

Why choose Quickbooks?

With this software, you have access to:

How much does a QuickBooks accountant cost?

At CloudCo, we offer a range of accounting packages for contractors, freelancers, limited companies and small business, many of which include a bookkeeping service. Depending on the accounting services you require, prices range from £100-£1500+ per month. To find out more, take a look at our pricing page or call us now for a free consultation.

Simple Start

For sole traders & small businesses who need to manage VAT, Income Tax & expenses.



For small-but-growing businesses working with suppliers

£2 +VAT@20%


For established businesses managing projects & stock.


Why choose CloudCo Accountancy Group for Quickbooks?

Modern accounting practice

CloudCo Accountancy Group are online accounting specialists offering a modern, straightforward solution to your accounting needs. Our flexible accounting solutions, software and processes are continually developed to ensure the best possible service. We have helped many businesses and investors to stay compliant with HMRC, build wealth and manage succession planning.

Part of an award winning accounting group

We are proud to be part of the highly respected DNS group, providing award-winning accounting, tax planning, and consulting services. We have dedicated account managers for our clients, who are directly contactable and directly reachable. Going beyond the statutory requirements your business may have, our services provide a platform for developing your ideas.

Specialist online accounting advice and support

Unlike other accounting companies, which are software-driven operating light touch, at CloudCo Accountancy Group we offer our customers unrivalled advice and support, on request, thus fortifying your partnership with us.


Xero and QuickBooks are similar in that both software programs are tied to business and personal accounting. Whereas QuickBooks is aimed more towards small business owners and the self-employed, Xero can be said to be more user-friendly for start-ups and rapidly growing businesses. At CloudCo we offer multiple software options to streamline your accounting, depending on your business circumstances. The many years of experience that add up to gold-standard bookkeeping and accounting services of CloudCo will ensure 100% compliance and an accurate set of accounts and tax return details at the end of every financial year.

QuickBooks is a fantastic tool, but it doesn't truly replace the level of knowledge and insight that can be provided by a professional, dedicated accountant. Even if you manage your money using QuickBooks, it’s worth having your tax return checked and approved by an accounting expert. If you have a more complicated business structure, such as a limited company, it’s rarely advisable to do your own tax return, given the detailed knowledge required. Although the software performs basic bookkeeping, the data is static and blunt, and a regular bookkeeper or accountant can add useful analysis to any profits or losses and offer advice on how to move forward.

Accountants (such as ourselves) use QuickBooks regularly, and it is indeed one of the most useful tools at an accountant's disposal. The software provides accurate data by which to check the calculations that the accountant has come up with, and greatly removes the need to sift through mountains of paperwork that used to be the pre-digital norm for accountants.
This depends entirely on what you need QuickBooks for. As a basic bookkeeping recording tool, this software will likely be cheaper than using the services of an accountant. But an accountant does far more than just basic bookkeeping. Aside from being expert number crunchers, or masters of math’s, they can offer detailed financial advice. Specialists in business plans and projections, at CloudCo we know the most common pitfalls that businesses (large and small) can suffer from and can advise you on the best routes to success.  In addition to this, we will also provide you with the most up-to-date information and fiscal legalities and assist you in saving money, simply by becoming more tax efficient.

The best way to learn QuickBooks is to utilise the tutorials and training provided on the software's website. At CloudCo can also offer QuickBooks training to clients to ensure that all the features of the software are understood clearly.

QuickBooks can take a few hours to truly master, but once you have learnt how to navigate your way around the dashboard, you'll find the software intuitive and incredibly user-friendly.

QuickBooks payroll is one of the main features of the software that allows business owners to pay employees or contractors, file payroll taxes, and manage employee benefits. This feature goes a long way to help business owners handle payroll without the stress of knowing exactly how to calculate instances such as overwork, benefit deductions, tax liabilities, and other payroll circumstances.