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business mergers and aquisitions
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Business Mergers & Acquisitions

We'll guide you through this important decision

Get professional advice on business mergers and acquisitions by consulting with our experts at CloudCo Chartered Management Accountants in Milton Keynes. Without any doubt, a business merger or acquisition is one of the most important corporate decisions you will ever make. These decisions need to be well thought, planned and executed in a manner that lessens and manages your risk.

Highly experienced in mergers and acquisitions

We at, Cloudco Accountancy Group have unrivalled experience of mergers and acquisitions over a broad range of sectors. This means we can provide you with relevant advice, genuine expertise and support you through various market transactions, including corporate acquisitions, capital raising, management buy-outs and company sales.

We have strong experience and expertise within the mid-market, which helps you get insights of your sector, including current issues, analysis of trends and benchmarking as well as specific technical issues. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows you to tailor the service as per your needs.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals on board, which help us deliver a comprehensive range of transactional and other advisory services, ensuring you receive maximum value from your deal.

Our extensive range of M&A solutions

If you are looking to acquire a business, we can work with you to discover the best target.

From initial investments through to performance improvement and growth to exit, we offer bespoke solutions to a broad spectrum of companies, including private equity-backed companies, private equity house and management teams seeking private equity investment.

Our expert team can work with you to improve your business processes including but not limited to new capital structures designing, divest non-core businesses and implement new business strategies.

Cloudco Accountancy Group can manage the project and implement the closure or sale of your non-core or under performing business entities.

Whether you are considering a merger, acquisition or require support for a proposed financial structure, we promise to provide you with an independent view on value.

We ensure to get the highest possible value for your business

Whether you are a private shareholder, corporate or management team, we can help raise debt finance or private equity.

By considering your personal tax planning needs as a business owner, we can provide advice on the full tax implications of any deal and establish an effective tax structure.

We can merge newly obtained businesses into group accounts. It also includes breaking out recognisable insubstantial assets from goodwill.

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