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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Limited Company Accountant?

Limited company accounting can be a worthwhile and essential service for limited company accounts, tax assessments and required filings. But hiring a limited company accountant can also relieve the stress of bookkeeping and additional regulations to handle such as VAT.

Hiring an expert limited company accountant will help your business flourish and become more profitable. They will ensure that your business is 100% compliant, up to date with your bookkeeping and will file accurate annual accounts and corporation tax returns at the end of every financial year.

Let’s take a closer look at the range of services that we, here at CloudCo, offer to enable our limited company, contractor, and SME customers to get ahead. CloudCo’s aim is to make running a business easier and more profitable, so we make sure our customers are able to access all the services they need to run their company effectively and legally in one place – our place. Read on to find out more about how a CloudCo dedicated accountant can help you today.

What Is Limited Company Accounting?

Limited company accounting is a beneficial accounting service for limited companies that handles everything from record-keeping, business planning, the implementation of online accounting software, tax assessments and filing, and beneficial cost-cutting procedures.

Tax efficiency, tax planning, and assessing and filing VAT returns are also some of the most popular and frequently requested services within this type of accounting.

How Do I Set Up a Limited Company?

Deciding to set up a limited company goes far beyond accounting software or coming up with a name. If you have a new business idea and have not yet formed a limited company, you should begin by deciding what structure you would like your new venture to take: do you want to start a limited company or do you want to start up a partnership?

Starting out can be an exciting journey, but incorporating a business comes with responsibilities – operational, financial as well as legal – so unless you know about doing accounts, we advise that you hire a professional accountant for the expert support they can provide.

You must appreciate the various statutory responsibilities that come with incorporation. Anyone who has already set up a company will advise you to seek the support of an accountant before setting out on your venture.

At CloudCo, we can support you by undertaking all of the important background work while you focus on establishing your new venture. This is where we excel, having supported hundreds of companies from before their incorporation; setting them up with all the statutory documentation, then working with them as partners, guiding them, and watching them grow and prosper into strong, profit-making organisations.

What Services Do Limited Company Accountants Provide?

A professional limited company accountant can be both a dedicated accountant for all of your company’s business needs and a trusted financial advisor all in one. Let’s take a look at just some of the many services our limited company accountants can provide.

Preparation of a broad business plan

One aspect of hiring an accountant that you may struggle to find with online accounting, is the real-world and business-specific advice necessary for crafting a wide-scale business plan for your business. This is a service we not only provide but excel in.

Support and advice on incorporation

Whether you need help with becoming incorporated or if you just need advice on corporation tax, our accountants are available to advise you on every step necessary for incorporation.

Assistance with structuring

Whether a limited company, partnership, sole trader, contractors, or limited liability partnership, we can oversee the financial structure of your business with full transparency and advice if requested.

Providing incorporation services

When you have make the decision to become incorporated, we can handle every aspect of the process for you.

Overseeing statutory paperwork

Whether a limited company, partnership, sole trader, contractors, or limited liability partnership, we can oversee the financial structure of your business with full transparency and advice if requested.

Registering with Companies House

If you are ready to move away from the self-employed sphere, we can advise you on how to register your business with Companies House and answer all your questions regarding this incorporation.

Additional Services We Offer:

Register Your Company Effortlessly With Our Limited Company Formation Services

CloudCo Accountancy Group specialises in limited company formation within the United Kingdom and many offshore jurisdictions. In fact, we are one of the leading agents specialising in limited company formation in the UK.

Our team has years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge, helping thousands of clients throughout the world. We not only specialise in online limited company formation, but we can also offer you a wide range of formation services. Our services are apt for varied kinds of companies including companies (Limited by Shares, Limited by Guarantee, and Limited Liability Partnerships).

Registration Services We Offer:

Additional Limited Company Accounting Services:

We can also provide Business Credit reports that are specifically designed to provide prompt and simple access to important business information, including turnover, accounts formation, or company credit rating. With us, you can have complete peace of mind as every part of our system is secure, ensuring that all your data is secured and protected.

We also provide full documentation of all Incorporation Documents.

At CloudCo Accountancy Group, there are no hidden surprises. We offer a fair and transparent pricing structure and a government fee is included in our package price.

We also offer company formation services for non-residents. So, if you are a non-resident and want to form a company in the UK, then we can help you with that.

For all the international clients based anywhere across the globe, we can help give your company a full UK presence including a business trading address.

Limited Company Accounting FAQs:

You do not need to hire an accountant for your limited company. You can choose to handle all the financial and legal requirements thereof of your limited company. But you will find that having an accountant greatly improves your work/life balance. The entire financial purview of running your limited company can be shifted to a trusted and professional accountant, while you get to do what you do best...focus solely on running your company and fulfilling the role of company director.
While expenditure is always a concern for any well-run organisation, never should any commercial organisation skimp on the expertise, quality, and ability of their accountancy provider. The money spent per month on the support of a good accountant is money well spent; your accountant will nearly always save you money in taxes and probably in many other ways too, and accountancy fees are a 100% allowable expense.
Yes, an accountant can set up your limited company if you wish to have a professional handle the entire process for you. This can be a wise decision since you will not have to review all of the required (and voluminous) information required for the process.

Xero and QuickBooks have made the bookkeeping aspect of accounting much more convenient. But hiring an accountant is still a benefit to you based on the tax-efficient knowledge and professionalism an accountant can provide for your business. Bookkeeping is only one aspect of the financial overview of a business.

You do not necessarily need an accountant to prepare company accounts unless your company is large enough to exist under the possibility of an audit. But having an accountant assess and file the required returns and company accounts can save you a lot of time and ensure you have not missed something.

Why Choose CloudCo for Limited Company Accountancy?

CloudCo’s limited company accountancy services are tailored to our mission to deliver affordable and faultlessly efficient, comprehensive online services (using a range of software compatible with our clients’), which our customers can rely upon completely.

When you contact us, we set out from the moment of registration and the point at which we start looking after a company’s accounts to ensure 100% compliance, while proactively helping businesses make the most of all the expert accounting devices. This ensures that they make the most of the benefits, credits, allowances, rebates, incentives, and transfers of assets HMRC allows, in order to pay less tax compliantly. In short, we can assure you our accountants can do a whole lot of instrumental things for your company and play a vital role in its success.

Request a callback or contact CloudCo today for a free consultation to find out more about the advice and guidance on accountancy and compliance we offer; how we can provide software systems and guidance on office structure and all of the many other areas our team of accountants can help you improve upon.

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