How much does an accountant cost for a limited company? 2024

How much does an accountant cost for a limited company?

limited company accountant costs

How much should a limited company expect to pay for company accounting services?

CloudCo’s online limited company accounting packages are complete, flexible and reasonably priced bundles that are dedicated to supporting businesses and helping them to prosper. We offer a range of tariffs to suit all types of set-up: contractor, CIS contractor, freelancer, or well-established SMEs and partnerships.

We have forged great relationships with sole traders too, filing thousands of self-assessment tax returns on their behalf, and helping many incorporate to become companies, assisting them as they forge new paths to growth and expansion.

CloudCo works across almost all industry sectors. We even offer an outsourced finance department service, if that’s what’s required. We advise you to contact us to discuss your requirements.

While expenditure is always a concern for any well-run organisation, never should any commercial organisation skimp on the expertise, quality, and ability of their accountancy provider. The money spent per month on the support of a good accountant is money well spent; your accountant will nearly always save you money in taxes and probably in many other ways too, and accountancy fees are a 100% allowable expense.

CloudCo’s real-time, online limited company accounting packages are designed specifically to be affordable, starting at as little as £100 per month. You can book a free consultation to discuss the needs of your company and how we can support you.

There is an offering to suit every type of commercial organisation and our online packages are compatible with most types of software currently available on the market.

For start-ups and PSCs, CloudCo offers a neat package at a tidy price (£100–£200 p.m. + VAT). The price includes a dedicated account manager and a range of online accounting and bookkeeping provisions if these are what is required, including annual company accounts, company and self-assessment tax returns, and payroll generation and submission for two employees.

The micro-business package includes all of the above with payroll for up to three employees and the addition of company secretarial, registered office address (ROA) and Companies House registration and administration, including submission of company accounts.

There are other limited company accountancy tariffs according to the needs of your company, but the accounting packages we provide are flexible, so you can always discuss the specific service you need with your dedicated account manager, escalate the level of service you require for your company, according to the time of year and/or stage of growth; you will always be quoted a price before any additional services are added to your tariff.

What other accountancy services do limited companies need?

CloudCo’s small business service package includes the guidance and expertise of a dedicated account manager, and bookkeeping services if that is what is required. It includes undertaking the annual accounts for limited companies and submitting corporation and self-assessment tax returns with HMRC. Management accounts can be generated; and this package will also cover payroll generation and submission for up to 10 employees, plus CIS returns and workplace pensions administration if this is required.

It also provides specialist advice on tax efficiency and, crucially, advice and guidance plus protection against falling foul of IR35 and disguised employment legislation. Providing unlimited support, there is no extra charge for references for financing or mortgages etc.

Two other services among the many other available accountancy services that enable limited companies to flourish, include:

Assistance with business planning

The business plan is the framework for the ideas that become future decisions to achieve the goals of the organisation. The plan is an open document whose objectives every team member should identify with.

The business plan plays a crucial role at all stages in the life of any organisation; for instance, it sets out benchmarks to measure performance and lays out the financial and operational aims the organisation aspires to. This gives the business a sense of direction; helps it measure its achievements and whether it is facing in the right direction and what the next steps for growth are. If a major gap is found, steps can be taken to roll back, if the company is showing growth and flourishing, equally, then, this is motivational and encouraging.

Assistance with Tax planning

This is a crucial element of accounting. It helps businesses minimise tax and maximise profits. Below is a list of some of the ways the tax team at CloudCo limited company accountants can manage this element of your organisation, enabling you to keep on top of every expense while taking maximum support from government incentives.

  • Advice on the most effective structure
  • Establishing payroll and benefits
  • Assisting with VAT
  • Making the most of reliefs
  • Optimising capital or revenue tax
  • Capitalising on acquisitions’ relief
  • Reducing tax on disposals
  • Assisting with overseas transactions
  • Maximising benefits in line with your industry sector
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation (including IR35), plus corporation and self-assessment tax returns
  • Interacting on your behalf with HMRC (if required)

Contact CloudCo online limited company accountants to learn how we help businesses prosper

As you can see, accountants can do a whole lot of instrumental things for your company and play a vital role in its success.

Request a call back or contact CloudCo today to find our more about the advice and guidance on accountancy and compliance we offer; how we can provide software systems and guidance on office structure, and all of the many other areas our team of accountants can help you improve upon.

Organic, managed growth is what an accountant should help you achieve; CloudCo’s team of accountants and experts can make a big difference to the future success of your organisation. Request a call back, email or call us directly today to learn more about our services.

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