Can you lease a car through a limited company?

Can you lease a car through a limited company?

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Leasing a car may be a highly cost-effective method to go on the road in a vehicle that won’t break down!

Many small business owners are unclear if leasing the automobile individually or through their limited company will be more tax-efficient and effective. Choosing the incorrect selection might be an expensive error, and we all know that no one likes to pay more tax than necessary.

“To lease a car through your business for “business use/purposes,” you must demonstrate that it’s essential for company operations and not primarily for personal use or luxury.

The process for both personal lease and corporate lease transactions is similar in that you must give specific information and pass a leasing credit check. You may design your contract in the same manner for both, modifying the automobile leasing period and selecting a high-mileage lease if necessary.

This post will go through the two automobile leasing choices in detail for business owners. We’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option, which should help you decide.

Is it better to lease a car personally or through my business?

Leasing a car via your small business may be a wise financial option since it provides VAT rebates, tax benefits, and financial flexibility.

However, in doing business car leasing work, a variety of criteria must be carefully evaluated to ensure compliance and maximise your savings. You can seize this opportunity and catapult your firm to success with the right counsel and help, get in touch with our accountants today.

What are the benefits of leasing a car through a limited company?

Leasing an automobile through a limited company can provide various financial benefits and privileges, including:

Vat reclamation

When leasing via your company, you may frequently recover a percentage of the VAT on your monthly payments, resulting in considerable savings.

Corporation tax deductions

Lease payments are a valid company cost that can be deducted from your company cars taxable profits. This deduction can significantly lower your corporation’s overall tax bill, freeing up resources for other expenditures and operational needs.

Capital allowances

Capital allowances may be available depending on the vehicle’s emissions and classification. This important tax relief can lower your company’s tax burden even more, making automobile leasing via your business even more cost-effective.

Financial flexibility

One of the primary benefits of leasing is the possibility to obtain high-quality automobiles without making a large upfront payment. This maintains your company’s cash flow, freeing up resources for other vital areas of your organisation, such as expansion or innovation.

When it comes to leasing agreements, businesses frequently have more bargaining leverage. When compared to personal leases, you may be able to negotiate more favourable terms and conditions, such as cheaper interest rates, fewer maintenance expenses, paying tax off, and more flexible lease periods.

Leasing a car via your company may bring various financial and other benefits, making it an appealing choice for businesses trying to handle their mobility needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

What should you consider when leasing a car through a limited company?

It is essential to evaluate the following aspects before entering into an automobile leasing agreement:

Classifying the sole purpose of vehicle use

HMRC investigates the primary use of the vehicle. To reap tax benefits, be sure it’s mostly for commercial purposes.

Company car tax

Be aware of the consequences of business car tax, which frequently depends on the car’s worth, business mileage, emissions, and salary.

Implications of CO2 emissions and VAT

Lower CO2 emissions can result in more significant tax savings, and VAT restrictions might affect your ability to reclaim VAT on the lease.

Benefit in Kind rates

Employees who use corporate automobiles may be subject to the Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax, which varies according to the car’s worth and emissions.

Contract terms and mileage limitations

Understand the conditions of the leasing agreement, including mileage restrictions and any potential fines for exceeding them.

Choose a car that meets your company’s demands and budget, taking into account fuel efficiency and pollutants.

How can Cloudco Accountancy help you?

It might be challenging to navigate the complications of leasing an automobile through your limited business.

Cloudco Accountancy specialises in delivering skilled financial advice and tax planning services suited to your company’s needs. Our staff can assist you in making educated selections and reaping the most benefits from leasing via your limited business.


Leasing a car through your limited business might be an intelligent financial decision, providing VAT refunds, tax breaks, and financial flexibility.

However, you must carefully evaluate some criteria to ensure compliance and maximise savings. You can capitalise on this opportunity with the correct advice and assistance to propel your company to success, so contact us today.

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