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At CloudCo Group Accountants Houghton Regis, we provide chartered accounting services to help sole traders, small to medium enterprises and limited companies in and around Houghton Regis, achieve a steady financial route to success.

Located in the south of Central Bedfordshire, Houghton Regis is easily accessible from neighbouring towns and has direct travel links through to the capital. It is surrounded by green spaces and has a public 17-hectare urban park which features a visitors’ centre, café and plenty of seating.

Houghton Regis has a rich history, with its most famous historical building being Houghton Hall which was built for Dame Alice Milard in 1654 and completed in 1700. Nowadays this building is no longer a private residence and is currently used for office premises. Like a lot of towns in and around Bedfordshire, Houghton Regis has undergone some major regeneration which has seen many positive changes for businesses already established or starting out here.

chartered accountants houghton regis

Chartered Management Accountants Houghton Regis

Whether you’re an existing business or are new to Houghton Regis, then we are here to help. At CloudCo Accountants, our experienced yet friendly team will assist you in staying on top of your taxes and remaining familiar with your finances whilst advising on how to succeed in a competitive, modern business environment.

The majority of our accounting services are online, and cloud based, which means that we can help you wherever you are located. Take a look at our list of comprehensive accounting services and see what we can do for you.

Bookkeeping in Houghton Regis

We appreciate that finding the time to enter receipts, keep up with invoices and log expenses can be difficult as a business owner. But failure to maintain your records correctly could see you penalised with hefty fines.

So, if you prefer to concentrate on the money-making side of things, why not outsource your accounting needs to our dedicated bookkeeping team at CloudCo Accountancy Group? That way you can relax, safe in the knowledge that our expert bookkeepers are filing your submissions, keeping you well abreast of any statutory compliances and in some circumstances, even saving you money in tax!

We are committed to offering professional, flexible and extensive bookkeeping services for all contractors, start-ups and SMEs and will work with you to identify the best way to make bookkeeping a breeze.

Business planning

Whilst we all want to showcase our businesses in the best possible light, realism is important, and it cannot be denied that planning goes a long way. Not only does a good business plan allow you to avoid unnecessary setbacks and prepare for adverse conditions, but they also assist in driving your business in the right direction.

Your business plans should aim to give you more than a snapshot in time but be an evolution of your aims and aspirations. They need to be dynamic, regularly reviewed and updated, and should be considered an invaluable asset within your company.

Whether you need to prepare a business plan to measure success, seek investment, maximise profits prospective or for use in internal forecasting, producing a clear and accurate business plan is crucial. With our help at CloudCo Accountancy Group, we will ensure that your business foundations are put in place, with a plan to succeed.

Small business accountants and start-up advice

Aptly named the city of dreams, Houghton Regis is buzzing with new business entrepreneurs. Boasting to have the UK’s highest start-up rates outside of the capital, this vibrant city is fast becoming the UK’s top hotspot for innovative enterprises.

If you are looking for business start-up help and advice, at CloudCo Group Accountants, we assist many entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses and fulfilling their dreams. Our qualified chartered accountants are on hand to make sure that your business falls within the 20% of new start-ups that succeed within their first year of operating.

Whether that is registering as a sole trader, limited company or, if applicable, a partnership, we point out the tangible benefits and pitfalls for all. We will not only take care of the registration process but can help you navigate the complexities of VAT, tax and bookkeeping too. So, if you are a small start-up with big aspirations, then contact CloudCo Accountancy Group today!

Company secretarial services in Houghton Regis

CloudCo Group Accountants offer a comprehensive range of company secretarial services to businesses at all stages of their life cycle. From creating and maintaining company’s registers to making important financial filings to Companies House, we have developed a complete range of tailor-made secretarial solutions.

Our company secretarial services take away the legal and tax burdens of your business, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best without the worry of complying with your statutory duties.

So, if you are busy growing your business, or simply want to avoid costly mistakes, contact CloudCo Group Accountants about our company secretarial services.

Corporate tax planning

Your business is your top priority but filing the returns and calculating corporation tax is unlikely to be your number one job! Furthermore, tax legislations can be complex and often undergo changes which you may be completely unaware of.

If you are looking for a cost efficient and solid business solution for your corporation tax, then look no further than the CloudCo Group Accountants. We specialise in corporate tax planning and regularly file hundreds of tax returns each year on behalf of our clients up and down the country – including Houghton Regis – and on an international level.

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to tax planning. To understand your options, and for advice on business development, talk to one of our reliable tax planning experts today.

VAT returns

Keeping accurate, up to date records is important for any business, but every year VAT regulations become even more complicated. And with the impact of the government initiative to Make Tax Digital using online accounting software or apps, keeping up to date with your VAT submissions can often feel overwhelming.

Failure to identify and apply the correct rates of VAT can have the potential to be the downfall for any business. But do not worry, because when you outsource to CloudCo Accountancy Group, we have the industry’s best VAT return professionals on board.

We can prepare and submit your paperwork as per the law – on time, every time – and will deal with HMRC on your behalf! We can also assist on registering for VAT, give professional guidance on any investigations, and explain the process for imports and exports as well as flat rate VAT schemes.


Employment legislation and taxation are forever changing making payroll accounting a challenge. As an employer it is your responsibility to make the correct deductions from your employees pay for tax and national insurance purposes – as part of PAYE.

If you choose CloudCo Group Accountants to manage your payroll accounts, then our expert team can calculate your employees’ contributions for you. We can also adjust these to encompass tips and bonuses and make deductions and adjustments for the repayments of student loans or payments towards pensions, sickness, redundancy, paternity and maternity leave.

We can make your payroll simpler and stress-free by providing you with professional assistance in regard to UK payment facilities and legal regulations.

Limited company accountants in Houghton Regis

Here at CloudCo Group Accountants, we are one of the leading agents specialising in limited company formations in the UK and can also advise on secure financial investment opportunities overseas.

Our services are apt for various kinds of companies, including those that are Limited by Shares, Limited by Guarantee and Limited Liability Partnerships. Our expert accountants will not only assist you with prompt and efficient company registration but can help you to maximise profits and minimise risks through tax efficiencies, enabling you to enjoy a greater peace of mind.

We can not only shoulder the administrative burden of a limited company formation on your behalf, but we can offer advice on how to save money and safeguard your assets for a brighter business future. So, contact us today!

Mergers and acquisitions

Whether you’re looking to merge with a like-minded company, or acquire your biggest rival, you will need an accountancy firm with specialist expertise in managing mergers and acquisitions.

At CloudCo Accountancy Group, we will help you avoid the many pitfalls that mergers and acquisitions can hide. Usually considered to be complex transactions, they can be amongst the riskiest ventures a company can undertake. But, when executed correctly, they can prove to be a powerful and efficient way of growing or improving your business’ performance.

Thanks to our unrivalled experience of mergers and acquisitions over a broad range of sectors, we can provide you with relevant advice and support. Whether that is corporate acquisitions, capital raising, management buy-outs or company sales, we will steer you on the road to success.

Fee protection service for businesses in Houghton Regis

For more than 15 years, we have been delivering market leading tax advice and fee protection to over 200 clients nationally and worldwide.

Should your business be unfortunate enough to be subjected to an HMRC enquiry or dispute, then CloudCo Accountancy Group have your back with our group fee protection service. Offering cover for up to £10,000 of fees for a host of different tax enquiries, our insurance is designed to limit damage and stress to your business and take the worry away from you having to deal directly with HMRC.

Furthermore, we also offer free access to a 24-hour legal helpline, which includes health, safety and business legal advice on contracts, landlord or tenant issues and employment matters. Contact us for more information.

International accounting services

Although we love working with businesses in and around the Houghton Regis area, we also offer a number of international accountancy services. From individuals with complex international tax affairs to businesses focusing on worldwide growth, we can handle everything from start to finish.

So, if you are a company in need of compliance services that minimise your risk; accounting services that can handle entities in multiple countries; or an expert team that can manage your monthly accounting transactions in different currencies, then we can help.

Whether you have just taken your operations abroad or have been trading worldwide from the beginning, CloudCo Accountancy Group, has the knowledge and know how to help you manage risk and succeed overseas.

Personal tax planning

The UK tax system is becoming more complex, and a greater responsibility has been placed on individuals to get their tax right. If you need expert advice and support to optimise your tax position and ensure that it meets all relevant compliance, then CloudCo Accountancy Group can help.

We can assist you with managing your taxes regarding income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains and trusts. Our personal tax planning services also include the preparation of tax returns and submitting them to HMRC on your behalf.

Our highly experienced tax planning team will collaboratively work with you to determine your annual wealth profile in detail, whilst outlining all your capital and income tax liabilities. This will not only save you time and money now, but will future proof your business in the long term.

Self-assessment returns

Whether you are working as a sole trader, through a limited company or are self-employed, you need to fill in a self-assessment tax return. At CloudCo Accountancy Group, we offer a comprehensive self-assessment tax return service which ensures that there will be no mistakes in your tax return form.

Besides undertaking the obligatory computations and completing your return, we will advise you on how you can minimise your tax liability and will directly deal with HMRC should a query arise.

Filling out your self-assessment return needn’t be taxing when you have CloudCo Accountancy Group to help.

Retirement strategies

To some, retirement may seem like a long way off, but the sooner you start saving, the more comfortable your retirement will be! Here at CloudCo Accountancy Group, we can help you outline and implement comprehensive retirement strategies that will give you peace of mind to enjoy your retirement without any financial stress.

Our retirement strategies take into consideration if and how you want to supplement your pension provision, when you should retire and what business exit strategies you need to put in place. We will even help you optimise your tax position, whilst providing you with plenty of guidance to maintain a good lifestyle throughout retirement.

 Our expert team will assist you with medical insurance, long-term care and life assurance provision. So, if you want to get savvy with your retirement savings and make sure your investments provide you with the best returns, then let us plan your retirement strategies effectively.

Estate planning

If you own a property or other assets, then it is crucial to ensure that your valuables are protected from being misused in case something happens to you. After all, you need to be certain that all your financials are handled in the way you expected.

At CloudCo Group Accountants, we offer a discreet estate planning service to help our clients plan their estates effectively, so that the wealth they have built up can be passed down to the next generation in a tax efficient manner.

Estate planning also involves the consideration of how financial and asset decisions should be made when you or someone close to you is not able to make such crucial decisions. Our competent financial advisers can help to alleviate the strain and will work with you to create a comprehensive estate planning strategy.

Will writing

Did you know that the most common reasons people give for not writing a will is that they’re planning to do it later, or that they didn’t think they had enough assets to make writing a will worthwhile?

A will is such a valuable document as it informs people of your wishes, should the worst happen. Having a will can also help reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on the value of your property and any money that you leave behind.

Here at CloudCo Accountancy Group, we deal with high-value estates on a regular basis and have an accredited team of expert accountants with a great deal of experience in probate and inheritance tax. You can trust us to deliver a first-class will writing service in compliance with relevant UK laws and guidelines.

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why choose CloudCo Group Accountants for chartered accounting in Houghton Regis?

At CloudCo Group Accountants, we are not only approachable, but our friendly team are experts in their fields of finance. Whether you work in a niche industry or are seeking general accounting advice either on or offsite, then we have specialist accountants, bookkeepers and payroll managers who can help you navigate your business complexities.

We not only offer a unique fixed price service but are always on hand to offer business guidance and peace of mind. So, if you’re concerned about your responsibilities as a small business owner, contractor or investor, and are situated in Houghton Regis or the surrounding areas, then give CloudCo Accountancy Group a call.

We also offer our service as accountants in Biggleswade.

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